My career in teaching started while studying the Bachelor program Statistik och dataanalys at Linköping University as a teaching assistant. After graduating the Master’s program Statistics and Data Mining in 2015 I started working at Linköping University as a lecturer (universitetsadjunkt) full-time.

Course materials

I have created online tutorials/course materials for many of my courses, usually implemented in R. These can be found in the menu of this page.

Current courses

These are the courses I am teaching during the fall semester of 2020.

Course NameCourse CodeCredits
Grundläggande statistik och dataanalys732G4530
Statistik för internationella ekonomer732G8111

Past courses

These are the courses I have taught during my time at Linköping University.

Course NameCourse CodeCredits
Introduction to Machine Learning732A529.0
Grundläggande statistik732G017.5
Regression och tidserieanalys732G057.5
Data Mining732G127.5
Surveymetodik med uppsats732G2615.0
Grunder i statistisk metodik732G3015.0
Grunder i statistisk metodik732G3020.0
Visuell dataanalys732G316.0
Surveymetodik med teori732G387.5
Grundläggande statistik och dataanalys732G4530.0
Regression och variansanalys732G4615.0
Statistiska metoder732G607.5
Statistik A732G707.0
Statistik B732G718.0
Statistik för internationella ekonomer732G8111.0
Statistik; teori och tillämpning i biologiNDAB026.0